Rate Optimization

  • Research and Examination
  • Hypothesis and Prioritization
  • Test
  • Learning
conversion optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Process

Considering that the needs of brands are different and the areas in which they operate, we can easily say that the Conversion Rate Optimization processes differ. When we start the Conversion Rate Optimization process, we create a project plan by prioritizing the works that will contribute quickly, by asking the right questions to understand the all the requirements during the start-up meeting with the brand. Then we begin the optimization process by taking measurements like Conversion Rate Optimization research questionnaires, A / B tests. If you’d like to explore how the standard project flow should be in Conversion Rate Optimization studies, you can take a look at the flow used in the Conversion Rate Optimization process we’ve prepared for you:

Research and Examination

  • Determination of Site Data Accuracy
  • Selection of Time Period When Enough Data Will Be Collected
  • Evaluation of Current Conversion Rates
  • Analysis of Data

Hypothesis and Prioritization

  • Creating Hypothesis
  • Testing Applicability of Hypothesis
  • Selecting Priority Tests
  • Simultaneous Application of Test Sets

Test & Learning

  • Starting the Test
  • Early Test Results
  • Termination of the Test
  • Analysis of Test Results
  • Follow-through Test Setups

For those who do not know: Conversion Rate Optimization

In our opinion, Conversion Rate Optimization is not a kind of optimization that must be implemented once, but one that must be applied constantly. While tests we applied on a data-oriented approach to increase conversion rates do not necessarily always have to be a winner, tests that will give us information about user behavior and increase our conversion rates should have certain statistical meanings.

While providing services to our clients at the conversion point, we ensure that we do not only provide the A / B tests and their results, but also the accurate measurements and that the work we do is repeatable. Thanks to the tools we use in the testing process, we can create the pages needed to make the test preparation processes faster and more practically and easily, thus we also expand our perspective on understanding the user behavior by taking the opinions of different departments within the agency.

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Conversion Rate Optimization, one of the most important issues in digital marketing today, is also known by the abbreviation CRO, which consists of the initials of the words Conversion Rate Optimization.
The complete removal of the obstacles to conversion on a page is called conversion rate optimization, which is achieved by examining the behavior and data of users.

We can perform conversion optimization by accurately optimizing the size and the position of a call to action button, the length of a conversion-oriented landing page, and the word groups used on the page.

If you want to have a strong conversion rate, we recommend you to work with a digital marketing company that keeps your website up to date and successfully manages content.

Conversion Rate Optimization operations have many steps in them, from measuring your optimization goals to CRO research surveys, from A / B tests to the optimization stage. In this process, it is possible to provide more conversion rate by analyzing all the obstacles faced by the users, with the right software. Optimizations as a result of tests that are not properly constructed and measured, or measured incorrectly can lead to serious drops in your conversion rates. Therefore, it is very important to have a healthy measurement.

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