Content Production

  • Design Process
  • Planning
  • Publishing Process
  • Observation
creative Content Marketing

Creative Content Production Process

By keeping in touch with our editors and authors in the production process of the content, we make sure that the content is beneficial for the user and suitable for search engines. We share our creative content production process with you below:

Design Process

  • Finding Opportunities
  • Knowing the Target Audience
  • Brainstorming
  • Competitor analysis


  • Determining the Content Format
  • Determining the Content Structure
  • Scheduling

Publishing Process

and Observation

  • Optimization Studies
  • User experience
  • Content Performance Review
  • CTR Optimization

How does DATco approach creative content production?

We hold the strategy meeting we held with you regarding content production. Then, after we map the road with our content strategists, we inform our expert writers on creative content that will transform you and start the content production process. Considering the dynamics in the digital world, we ensure the production of content suitable for your industry and marketing goals.

You can produce content yourself or get service from a professional company that offers content production services.

The searches made by users on the relevant subject in content production will guide you in determining the main lines and titles of your content. For this reason, the strategy and research you will apply before content production is very important. After determining the subject of your content, you should identify the main topics and create a road map for yourself. Let us point out that it is very important to make sure that the information contained in your content is correct.

Your strategy and preparation need to be SEO compliant, but it can be said that the user is able to access the information they want while producing content. The target audience of search engines is the users who search and their aim is to provide the content most suitable for their searches. For this reason, the contents should be produced as user oriented. After you produce your content, you should prepare important criteria (such as title and meta description) by focusing on the user.

The length of the content is of course important, but your content should contain the information that users are looking for and contain points relevant to the subject you are producing. For this reason, the length of your content that you think you have sufficient information about the subject will actually be the ideal length for you.

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