Google Advertising / PPC Sponsored Campaign Management

Thousands of people search Google every day for different products or services. Displaying advertisements on Google allows you to get a lot of exposure to potential customers by managing a professionally sponsored campaign and displaying advanced advertisements in Google search results. Managing a sponsored advertising campaign on Google requires knowledge, experience, and professionalism. Maximize your advertising budget and campaign performance. Our company is a leading company in Turkey, managing campaigns and sponsored Google projects for over 15 years. We are one of Google’s advertising-certified companies. Google Premier Partners’ Premier Certification from Google indicates that the agency has demonstrated proficiency and expertise in advertising in Google AdWords. (PPC-funded campaign management) has met the required threshold of advertising spending on Google and managed large advertising budgets. It has increased customer revenue, maintained and expanded its customer base over time. Building a Google advertising campaign and managing a professional, high-quality one with top scores is of great importance in its success and the achievement of Google’s advertising goals. Our advertising experts will provide you with a professional service and close follow-up and guidance by managing a Google-sponsored advertising campaign. This will help obtain maximum results and achieving the campaign goals.

The benefits of advertising on Google

Payment Only For Visitors

You only pay if someone clicks on your ad on Google or calls you through the ad

Control The Advertising Budget

You control your advertising budget, at any given moment you can change your daily budget to suit your needs

No-Obligation Advertising

No commitment on your part, you can stop your advertising campaign at any time

Immediate Advertising Results

Advertising on Google is immediately noticeable: an increase in relevant and quality inquiries from the beginning of the activity of the advertising campaign on Google

Campaign Performance Analysis

An in-depth and thorough analytical analysis of the advertising campaign's performance in order to maximize the advertising budget in Google to yield more inquiries

Optimal Targeting For The Target Audience

Google ads will only be exposed to relevant people looking for your service / product

Google Advertising Options

Managing a Google Advertising Campaign on the Search Network (Sponsored Promotion)

People search Google for a product or service and Google allows advertisers to display ads on Google only to relevant people with real needs. Google does not charge for displaying the ads unless the person searching for the product or service clicks on your ad. This model is called PPC – Pay Per Click. This is Google’s billing model. An advertiser only pays if the surfer clicks on an ad, and thus Google takes care of increasing the return on investment from the advertising campaign on Google.

Google Advertising REMARKETING Campaign

Google Remarketing Campaign or as its general name “Remarketing” is a Google campaign in which we “chase” surfers who have visited our site in the past. Google allows us to re-display our site in two main ways: GDN – Google Display Network. Or RLSA – Remarketed Lists for Search Ads – remarketing on the Google search network

Manage a Google Shopping advertising campaign

Advertising Opportunity for Trade Sites to Advertise Product Ads in Google Search Results with the Google Shopping Campaign. The ads contain detailed information for each product that the advertiser is trying to sell. The information includes the product image, product cost and brand name. The ability of store owners’ and commerce sites’ advertise products on Google directly in the search results allows them to increase the exposure of the products to surfers who are looking for the right answer. Displaying a product in Google Shopping ads significantly increases conversion rates for each in-store product and leads to targeted exposure.

Advertising on Google YouTube campaign

Google also allows you to advertise your products or services through YouTube videos or affiliate sites. You can run a sponsored advertising campaign on YouTube. Google allows you to advertise in a wide variety of types of video ads on YouTube. We monitor the performance of the campaign on a daily basis, with an emphasis on CPV (Cost Per View) and constantly check the quality and quantity of views in the campaign.

Managing a Google advertising campaign on the Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN). Advertising on the Display Network is a platform that gives you another way to reach large numbers of potential customers by placing advertisements on relevant sites. The system works according to advanced definitions of demographic segmentation, geography, areas of interest, etc.… In addition, the system will automatically adjust the advertisements displayed to the surfer according to his browsing habits and according to the site he is currently browsing. The benefits of advertising on the Google Display Network are increasing your brand’s awareness and increasing sales.

Google Advertising - Questions and Answers

There are many options for advertising on Google and there are many variables that lead to success in managing the campaign. In order to achieve the best performance, you need a professional company that can provide you with a successful campaign. it is important to know various parameters deeply.

Datco Digital is one of the leading companies in the field of SEO with great experience. This experience is gained by the company over the years and the company’s promoters and broad marketing experts allow it to provide professional SEO services and advanced tools with broad marketing vision and thus achieve the best performance from Google.

Google SEO requires a lot of knowledge and experience and they are very important for the success of the promotion process in choosing the company that will promote the site Not every promotion company will succeed in the task, so it is important to choose a company that has all the knowledge and experience that are needed to promote the site.

The purpose of the promotion process is to promote phrases in Google in order to expose the site in the relevant phrases that the surfers are looking for. But the truth is that the ultimate value of the promotion is to create the desired action on the site (inquiries from the site, purchases, or any similar action). In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to examine the entire process, from the expressions they promote, the analysis of website traffic to the achievement of the final website goals.

Nowadays, it is really difficult to meet a website that can not be promoted but it is important to know that Google attaches great importance to the behavior of the site, the speed of the site, the structure of the site, and the content and quality of the site. 

A small taste of the achievements of digital marketing

The cost of conversion has dropped by 35% as a result of targeting and improving your marketing campaign
A 342% increase in the traffic of returning customers to the site with the help of the Remarketing campaign
conversion improvement 370% as a result of relevant traffic and quality leads
increase in the number of 250% referrals after 5 months of advertising on Google

Datco team is made up of very, very professional people who are very sensitive to the customer and work quickly and effectively. We meet on a monthly basis to examine where we stand and the pace of our brand's progress in the network. We have always been told at Datco that we run long distances and we of course feel the fruits of the labor. So I want to thank Datco Company for the professional investment and the warm attitude to the achievements and results.

Shahar VP of Marketing and Sales Dror Doors- Developer

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