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Organic Google SEO (SEO) has long been the most effective and profitable channel among companies and organizations. Every day millions of people search Google for products or services in order to find the best answer to their needs. Our company is one of the oldest and leading companies in Turkey in organic website promotion on Google. As Datco Digital, we take care of high-quality, professional, and in-depth website promotion which focuses on achieving clear marketing goals and objectives while a broad promotion activity to achieve maximum performance from the Google website promotion process. Our promotion experts will be happy to provide you with a particularly effective and high-quality promotion.

What does an SEO company achieve?

Professional And Quality SEO on Google

Emphasis on professional, quality and in-depth SEO work that will last for a long time and achieve the pre-defined goals.

Mutual Trust And Cooperation

The success of the project and significant achievements in the promotion process depends on the fruitful cooperation between the site owner and the site promoter in Google.

Website Promotion In Full Transparency

Full transparency with the customer, our customers know everything that the site goes through as part of the site promotion process.

Result And Achievement Of Goals

Significant results and meeting goals, reference to the full site activity for achieving maximum exposure in Google

Current Reports

Detailed SEO reports, close monitoring and ongoing reports to the client on any significant change in the site promotion on Google.

Monitoring And Performance Measurement

Use of advanced tools and systems for measuring performance, monitoring and analysis for the purpose of continuous improvement of the site's promotion activity.

Benefits of organic SEO in our company

Google SEO Results-Oriented

Organic SEO on Google requires extensive knowledge and great experience. In the field of trial and error, knowledge is acquired. Therefore, it is very worthwhile to choose for website promotion activities. Datco is a veteran and experienced SEO company.

Our company has been operating in the field of SEO for over a decade and has proven its capabilities in every possible field and any competitive arena. Our customers run with us year after year and are successful in promoting their site on Google.

Professional Google SEO with a Digital Agency

Google SEO services require comprehensive capabilities in the digital world in order to get the most out of the Google SEO process. The ability of an SEO company to provide a complementary solution to all web services professionally enables it to have better capabilities and achieve better performance from the process of website promotion in Google. As a digital agency, we provide all digital services with our professional staff.

Successful and safe SEO with a leading company

Today we are one of the market leaders and provide marketing and technology consulting to startups, technology companies, marketing companies and advertising agencies. We have some of the leading and largest infrastructures and technology on the web. We demonstrate exceptional capabilities in Google website promotion for companies, brands, and businesses in Turkey with over 4,800 phrases on Google’s first page. Experienced professionals, SEO experts, internet marketing and advertising people, digital designers, social workers, and developers accompany each project personally and closely. We are a Google-certified advertising company with a team that has successfully proved themselves in the advertising authority. We aim to ensure the quality of service and professionalism for each customer. We are proud of receiving the public trust mark and see this as a commitment to provide a fair and quality service to our customers.

Datco Digital is one of the leading companies in the field of SEO and has extensive experience. Our promoters and broad marketing experts allow our experience to provide professional SEO services and advanced tools with a broad marketing vision and thus achieve the best performance from Google.

Google SEO requires a lot of knowledge and experience and it is very important for the success of the promotion process in choosing the company. This will promote the site, not every promotion company will succeed in the task. So it is important to choose a company that has all the knowledge and experience needed to promote the site.

The purpose of the promotion process is to promote phrases in Google in order to expose the site in the relevant phrases that the surfers are looking for. But the truth is that the ultimate value of the promotion is to create the desired action on the website (inquiries from the site, purchases, or any similar action). In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to examine the entire process, from the expressions they promote, the analysis of website traffic to the achievement of the final website goals.

Nowadays it is really difficult to meet a website that can not be promoted but it is important to know that Google attaches great importance to the behavior of the site, the speed of the site, the structure of the site, and the content and quality of the site.

A small taste of the achievements of digital marketing

Promoting the arbitrator's website in a horizontal way on a variety of competitive terms and a wide range of terms for achieving maximum exposure in Google
Promoting the website of the Gastroline company in a varjety of competitive terms to the top of Google's search results
Promoting Golberry's website for first results on Google in a wide variety of phrases
Organic Google promotion for Bar Master in a wide variety of phrases to top Google search results

We have been working with Datco for several years. Datco's work is exceptional in its service and professionalism. We always get an answer when we need it. Our customers also enjoy a service that you no longer meet. Our site is also promoted by Google and located in locations. The first and no doubt we feel it on a daily level. We highly recommend Datco Digital.

Yigal and Neta Sorotsky - Sorotsky Business Consulting- Developer

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