Datco Digital strives for constant training and certification of the company’s staff and takes care to always be up to date and up to date with everything that is hot and happening in the dynamic field in which we specialize.

Datco is committed to the rules of the “Public Trust” organization, which express high standards of truth and fairness in advertising, proper disclosure and transparency of information, proper service and responsibility for the product, fairness in drafting and enforcing contracts, maintaining privacy and respecting the law.

The public trust mark indicates to consumers with whom it is worth doing business. A trust organization mark is a statement by the business towards the public that it is committed to the rules of fairness, reliability and transparency established by the public trust organization, and that it is subject to a process of controlling public trust over its consumer interfaces.


Datco Digital is a company authorized for publication by Google and has successfully passed the certification exams of Google. Datco is among the agencies of the few in the country set Google Partners Premier (obtaining certification of Premier from Google) suggests that; the agency has demonstrated skill and expertise in AdWords, was the threshold required of advertising expenses in Google. We conducted extremely large advertising budgets, led to an increase in customer revenue, and also maintained and expanded its customer base.

AdWords certification includes the basics of online advertising and campaign management, using Google tools like AdWords, Analytics, and DoubleClick.

In addition, Datco Digital makes sure to participate in seminars and conferences on behalf of Google

A certified company in digital analysis and Google Analytics, including measurement and implementation planning as well as setting up and managing Google Analytics.

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