PageSpeed Insights

  • Optimizing image files
  • Optimizing Source Files
  • Accelerating Data Transfer
  • Reducing HTTP Requests
Site Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization Process

As the DATco team, we evaluate the following key factors in site speed optimization and provide improvement by addressing other features specific to your site:

Optimize Image Files

  • Compressing Images
  • Resizing Images
  • Visual Format Analysis
  • Ensuring that Images are Responsive

Optimizing Source Files

Accelerating Data Transfer

  • Examining CSS and Javascript Codes
  • Positioning Javascripts in HTML Codes
  • Optimizing Source Files
  • Using the Caching Feature
  • Compressing Files
  • Server Side Improvements

Reducing HTTP Requests

Final Controls

  • Routing Controls
  • 404 ERROR Controls of Pages
  • Gathering Source Data in One Place
  • Control of Static Image Files

What is Page Speed Optimization?

All improvements made to shorten the time required for users and search engine spiders to access a web page and obtain the content created is called site speed optimization.
Today, it can be said that the first reputation of a website is the speed of the site opening beyond design. A web page opened late may cause the user to redirect to another website and not to prefer that site for other searches. With mobile searches surpassing the number of desktop searches, good site speed performance is one of the main factors that positively affect the user experience, especially in mobile devices where internet access is more restricted. In addition, site speed optimization is among the most important improvements that webmasters should make, as Google evaluates site speed as a ranking signal and announces that it will accept page opening speed as a ranking factor in mobile searches.

Page speed optimization has several steps and needs to be analyzed and improved continuously. Optimization work should be done for both desktop and mobile, and the site opening speed should be improved not only for the home page but for each page on the site. Sources that cause late loading of pages with very slow loading speed should be investigated using various tools and these resources should be optimized for faster loading of pages.

The type and usage of each website is different. However, there are basically main factors to consider for page speed optimization. In addition to these main factors, we are optimizing the pages by handling different features specific to your site along with many different tools.

Since page speed optimization studies are a technical issue, it is recommended to do these studies with the support of a software developer you are in cooperation with.
The main goal of the optimization studies is to improve the page loading speed throughout the site. However, when publishing a page, factors such as visual optimization should be taken into consideration.

PageSpeed ​​Insights ( With this tool offered free by Google, you can review the average site speed achieved with real user data and optimization suggestions that need improvement.

Lighthouse: With Lighthouse, the open source Chrome developer tool, you can examine the performance of a page in more detail through the Console section of the browser.
Gtmetrix: With this tool you can use for free, you can examine both your PageSpeed ​​and Yslow score and development suggestions.
Test My Site: With this free tool offered by Google, you can review your mobile site speed performance and get a comparison report with other sites in the industry.
Pingdom: With this tool, you can view your site's performance evaluation, request numbers and resource sizes in detail for free.
Google Analytics: You can evaluate the real data of your site from the Site Site Speed ​​tab under the Behavior heading on Analytics.

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