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It does not matter if your site is a portal, a sales site, or an image site. You can be sure to have an analytic analysis of the behavior of the surfers on the site (Web Analytics). With the help of in-depth and quality surfer analysis, we can make the site improve its performance and bring it closer to the goals we have set for it.

Surfer traffic analysis service

Publishing marketing content on the leading sites on the web

Our service can answer many questions, such as:

What is the most important keyword?
What is the return on investment (ROI) for each advertising channel: PPC, SEO, SMO, Email, and more…
On which pages of the site is the information on it, not of sufficient quality?
What is the page that gets me the most conversions?
At what stage in the purchase process is there the most abandonment?
Of course, there are more things we analyze in our service: demographic and geographical analysis, device type, device model, browser, screen resolution, and more.


After the analysis, we will issue a detailed report for you that contains all the relevant information regarding your website and highlights for the purpose of improving the surfers’ behavior. Our company provides this service to a number of entities and organizations who have realized how important surgery is to their company.


Our company will implement the conclusions of the report and together with you, we will make your site a more efficient and effective tool.


We can make your site improve its performance and make it a more effective site for you.

At DATco, we studied our product in-depth and understood well how to properly market it and the process that the surfer has to go through to become a customer in our system. They created a perfect website for us that yields amazing activity with extremely high conversion rates and a fast registration process.

Omar Simnovsky BIZMO- Developer

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