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Our company provides content marketing services through which you can expose your brand to random surfers on leading websites. Distributing marketing content and informative advertising content makes the reader feel that it is authoritative. So, this strengthens brand activity. Instead of giving a “sales speech” about a product or service, we provide value-added information that will make you think that this brand is a leader in the field. Our company provides a variety of content marketing options on various platforms, leading content sites, portals, and news sites. We will be happy to provide them with a professional solution for advertising marketing content. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Content Marketing / Marketing Content Advertising

We publish strong marketing content on leading websites

We advertise marketing content on leading websites with our special packages. These packages will help you make your business dominant on the market and bring great interest to your business activity. Marketing articles on websites like Walla, BizPortal, Maariv, Israel Today, and even mako or Ynet are definitely successful to create buzz around business activity. Everything is about Network Marketing. We will be happy to provide you with additional information and details about publishing marketing articles on the leading and influential websites.

Advertising at Outbrain and Tabula

We make marketing with the help of two separate platforms that allow advertisers to display their content on leading, top-quality content sites that are aimed at their target audience. The visitors see the content of the advertisers and if it sounds interesting to them, they click on their link. The charge is done at the same time (payment by performance – clicks) when the advertiser’s article opens in front of them. With the help of the advertising management systems of the platforms, it is possible to analyze and optimize the campaigns, thus making more use of the advertising budget.

Publishing marketing content - questions and answers

Marketing content on leading websites brings great and reliable exposure to the eyes of the surfers and strengthens the brand image and brand activity on the internet.

You can publish or display marketing articles at almost all the leading content websites and news on the web. The option of publishing marketing content is diverse; you can publish directly on websites or through advanced advertising platforms.

You can set different budgets for advertising / promoting marketing articles. You can arrange a proper budget for almost any business that shares articles. The number of articles and budget for promoting the desired marketing content can be arranged according to all levels of budget.

When you contact us and let us know your aims, we will formulate the best strategy for advertising your marketing content. We follow your marketing goals and objectives that you desire in the content marketing activity.

Today, it is really difficult to meet a website that can not be promoted. But it is important to know that Google gives great importance to the behavior of a website; the speed, structure, and quality content of the site.


We will be happy to build an effective and professional content campaign for you.

In recent years Datco has accompanied me in everything related to internet marketing, every project I do with them, I highly recommend working with Datco. They are a good company reliable and innovative and professional. I really like the people who work there for me. It is very important to choose a professional. When they give a promise, they keep it. They are very good at their work.

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