Search Engine Optimization

  • The market research, Determination of Target Audience
  • Onboarding, Competitor Analysis
  • Technical SEO Study, Content Strategy,
  • SEO Visibility; Optimization Studies
  • Link Acquisition Strategy and more ...

Organic Google SEO

For over 13 years we have been generating original works that capture the surfer from the first second, building websites with an emphasis on product quality, uniqueness and originality, motivation for action and achieving the brand's marketing goals in digital. All this in the right combination with Google SEO, digital marketing and professional online advertising.

SEO Process

Organic Google SEO (SEO) has long been the most effective and profitable channel among companies and organizations, every day millions of people search Google for products or services in order to find an answer to their needs. We at Extra take care of high-quality, professional, and in-depth website promotion which focuses on achieving clear marketing goals and objectives while a broad promotion activity to achieve maximum performance from the Google website promotion process. Our promotion experts will be happy to provide you with a, particularly effective and high-quality promotion.


and Research

  • The market research
  • Cost Analysis and Proposal
  • Determination of Target Audience
  • Traffic Prediction
  • Onboarding
  • Competitor Analysis


Technical Process

  • Technical SEO Study
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Link Acquisition Strategy
  • Investigation of Link Profile
seo process Conversion



  • SEO Visibility Analysis
  • Organic Traffic Measurement
  • Optimization Studies

What did they ask about our service?

SEO studies allow you to be listed in many different searches, not in certain words in the search results. SEO work requires a long process and effort. It may take 5 months to 10 months to get the feedback of the optimization studies. Although the works that take you to the first place are positive in the short term, they can damage your website in a long time.

For this reason, we recommend you to work with an agency or consultant who looks at search engine optimization from a broad perspective, aware that it is a whole and that this work is a work that will be carried out with the labor of both parties.

There are many factors that affect SEO service offerings. The most important of these are the tools, consultants, the capacity of the site and the works that can be done, the desired languages, and the requests from the customer.

After the preliminary analysis process, in this process, it questions the last 1 year traffic values of the site, the distribution of traffic by channels, its position in competition, the words it receives and decreases traffic, the level of compatibility with Google parameters and the domain authority.

This query is made into a report and all details are shared with the potential customer. Accordingly, if the customer comes with a request for a quote, DATco creates the cost assessment using the information he has obtained to calculate the need for the consultant / hour and shares the offer with the requesting unit.

We need to see the SEO work in 3 parts as consultant, brand and Google. The consultant side, your SEO agency, is responsible for identifying problems and stating how to solve them. The brand is obliged to take the necessary actions for the solution of the problems.

Google's reaction is expected when these two parts are integrated and resolved fast (within the time requested by your SEO agency). As a result of the first 6 months of a 12-month SEO work plan, a positive traffic increase can be observed.

SEO work is not a work that has been successful since its inception due to its natural structure. It is possible to develop strategies for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months considering the current situation and the amount of investment. SEO work starts with the correction of your technical structure. For this reason, the decrease in the number of errors in your technical reports may indicate that the process is proceeding well.
Success in SEO can be summarized as an increase in dozens, hundreds of words found / targeted as a result of word analysis made at the category level, not to increase 1 or a few words.

So, assuming that you are an e-commerce site, it should not be seen as a success only to be ranked first in the keyword "cheapest thermal hotel prices in London" ", but it is what you want to get on the first pages in the" London Thermal Hotel "category.

First of all, digital marketing is a very complicated service area to determine the fix fee without analyzing. Therefore, it will be advantageous for you to work with an agency where you can make a special analysis and then get pricing. Also, it would not be right to work with agencies that give you 100% guarantee.
Every customer has to proceed with a unique road map and the measurements show themselves in the process. Therefore, it will not be healthy to give a clear guarantee of success from the beginning or to specify the duration of the operation by any agency. We recommend that you make your agency preference considering these.

The answer to this question; it may vary depending on your target audience, the sector you are in, your position in the sector, the KPIs you set and your budget. While you can achieve long term success with the SEO studies you do on your website and mostly ROI (Return On Investment) is higher, you can only achieve as much success as you pay with SEM studies.
Our opinion will be to support SEM studies at certain intervals according to the needs of your site instead of making a choice between SEO and SEM studies. For example, it is important that you continually run AdWords for words that contain your brand searches.

For example; Let's target the words that we pay a lot of money in SEM but bring us good conversion in SEO so that we can set up a more effective campaign by shifting the fee we save from there in different terms to different word groups.

What Beginners Asked?


What is the Definition and Purpose of Seo?

SEO work is the name given to all the work done to make websites perform better in search engines. SEO is also stand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thanks to Search Engine Optimization studies, you can increase the number of visitors to your website organically. People who do these studies are given the title of SEO Expert.

SEO Specialists work for you to improve your website's rankings. Among the most important of these studies are the analysis of the content and structure of the site, technical analysis and improvements, keyword research and adaptation of the content accordingly, and planning of studies according to the dynamics of the industry.

Every expert should also provide training to the company he serves while performing his SEO studies. The reason is that it enables the customer to have information about the service he received and to make the service more transparent.

How To Make Google Seo Work Briefly?

Since Google is the most used search engine today, the organization that determines SEO and internet rules has been Google. Google always prioritizes quality and popular sites in searches. The subject we call quality is on-site optimizations and popularity is considered off-site studies.

SEO work actually has a preliminary preparation and planning. Projects that proceed in line with the correct analysis can always be successful. The elements you will pay attention to briefly are:

  • Keyword identification and placement.
  • Best practices and keyword density for content writing.
  • Appropriate metadata usage.
  • Page loading speed and SEO.
  • URL structure.
  • Appropriate visual improvements.
  • Mobile SEO.

Search engines give their websites quality scores within the determined rules. These quality scores are provided by our text and visual content, clean and fast code structure, user-friendly interface and major search engine tags that we use throughout our site. Our main goal in on-site optimization is to prove to search engines that we are of good quality and user benefit.

On-site SEO studies are all about everything you can control and change on your site. For this reason, the most ideal point to start SEO studies is on-site works.

Elements to be considered;

  • Keyword Definition
  • Quality Original Content
  • Keywords
  • Long-Tailed Keywords
  • Original article
  • Meta Data
  • Page Load Speed
  • Uniform URL Structure
  • Proper Visual Usage
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Using Helpful SEO Tools

How to Optimize Text and Visual Content?

There are some things to consider in visual optimization. It is necessary to pay attention to things such as the selection, size and harmony of the image. When visual optimization, you should pay attention to:

Compatibility of visual and written content; You should not use an image that is not relevant to the content. If you are talking about healthy life, you can share images with naturalness. It is important that the visual and the content complement each other. You should not add images to add images. You should add it in a complementary way.

Avoid stock photos; Stock photos have appeared so much that we do not want to see them anymore. You should always choose original photos. It will be more effective to use the photos you take instead of the photos you find on Google.

Pay attention to the image quality; Low-quality images are not worth looking at. Google avoids showing poor quality images. It wants to offer the best for the user. You should think this way.

What is Page Speed? How to Increase?

Page speed refers to the time it takes for the content to be viewed by the user. It can also be measured by the time it takes to get the scanner's first byte information. By analyzing the page speed with the Google PageSpeed tool, you can obtain detailed reports.

Why Site Speed Is Important?

First of all, let us state that the site speed is an important ranking factor by the Google algorithm. Not us, but Google shares it. At the same time, search engine bots on a slow website will have to spend a lot more time, which will negatively affect our indexing. Of course, the most important is the user experience. Every website has an alternative! Internet users immediately give up a slow-opening website. This gives your opponents/competitors an advantage.

User Friendly Website

Let's take a bit of user experience, which is perhaps one of the most important building blocks of promotion on Google. In internet projects, issues such as misleading visitors, unforgettable and long URL structures and poor quality designs not only are user-oriented, but also attract our attention to the boots and reduce our quality.

As an example of a user-friendly website, layout and accessibility should be among our main ingredients. People of all ages and levels should be able to use our site easily.

We can say that projects that attach importance to font fonts, site colors and internal links will be successful step by step. In fact, the main purpose of SEO is to provide users with quality and useful information. It should be noted that a user-friendly website is also search engine friendly.

Now, talk to SEO scientists about your brand
Choosing a strong, visionary agency is one of the most important values you can add to your brand. We work brand-oriented in all our strategies!
We think a real success often speaks of itself. Moreover, in areas where organized work such as SEO and Performance is required, this success is the result of real team work.