Experience Optimization

  • User Analysis
  • A / B Tests
  • Variable Tests
  • Personalization
Experience optimization

Experience Optimization Process

Experience Optimization includes many steps from A / B facilities to multivariate tests, user research, analytics data and personalization. Experience Optimization can be enriched by synchronizing and analyzing multiple data sources and offering a wide range of experience to users.

User Analysis

  • Setting Goals
  • Determining the Target Audience
  • Preparing Questions and Tasks
  • Data Analysis

A / B Tests

  • Data Collection
  • Goal Setting
  • Creating a Hypothesis
  • Creating Variables
  • Tests and result analysis

Multivariate Tests

and Personalization

  • Content and Visual Tests
  • Call of Action Tests
  • Form and Action Call Button Tests
  • Personalization Based on Data
  • Continuous Application of Tests in Different Areas.
  • Application of Tests According to Devices

how does Datco Team's approach to Experience Optimization?

The DATco Digital team is advancing the experience optimization process in the light of the implications made on real user data. Visitor behaviors specific to the business are analyzed with the help of big data analysis; Propositions are created that describe common user behavior. These propositions are put into real user tests and the optimization of the brand-customer relationship is aimed at providing the best experience at all contact points.

Frequently Asked Questions About Experience Optimizations

Conversion Rate Optimization aims to achieve your goals by increasing your “conversion” rates. Experience Optimization, with a more general perspective, enables you to provide a perfect experience from the beginning to the end of your visitors, and to create strategies that suit your target audience by obtaining data-oriented insights about your target audience.

  • It provides decision-making based on users' insight and behavior in the light of real user data and statistics.
  • It provides a high level of practical and theoretical knowledge about your customers.
  • And it offers your customers a better experience in terms of functionality and design, giving you the opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors.

Although the effects vary depending on the sector you are in, Experience Optimization;

  • It increases your interaction in the on-site and social channels.
  • It increases your potential customer acquisition rate.
  • Increases your average basket volume.
  • It provides an increase in the number of activities that turn into sales.
  • Increases your earnings per sale.

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