Google Algorithm Update History

Google has a long history of famous algorithm updates, search index changes and refreshes.While most of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a major algorithmic update (such as Panda and Penguin) that affects search results in significant ways.

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October 26, 2019

Bert Update

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) will emerge as one of the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. It is currently being tested in a small portion of English searches in the USA. When it is made available globally, it will list the most natural and most relevant results by making associations according to the searched language.

June 4, 2019

Diversity Update

Google launched a different update on June 6, starting on June 4. We will share information about the update.

June 3, 2019

June Core Update

Google launched the June update on June 3 and continued and released it until June 8. Along with this update, he started a second update called Diversity Update on June 4 and finished it on June 6. We will share detailed information about the algorithm updates when we see the results.

May 5, 2019

DeIndex Error

Google explained that the sudden fall of some pages in SERP was caused by a directory problem. While no explanation was made for the cause of the problem, the problem lasted an average of 1 week and was resolved. Google made a statement about the problem solved at @searchliaison twitter.

March 13, 2019

Google Florida 2 Update

Google performed a core update. The official name of the update was March 2019 Core Update. The update particularly affected the healthcare, law, automobile and gaming industries.

March 1, 2019

19 Organic Results on the Search Result Page

For one day, Google showed abnormally 19 organic results on the first page. It was observed that these results were related to detailed articles that disappeared on March 6. The signals of the algorithm tracking tools have increased but it is not possible to determine which criterion depends on this temporary increase.

February 6, 2019

Anonymous Update

After the deep silence in December and January, the algorithm tracking tools detected major changes in the glazes.