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Search engine optimization, in other words, SEO aims to increase the value of the website and to go higher in the search engine and therefore to increase the number of visitors to the site. As an SEO agency, we aim at lasting results in this area while doing all the improvement works for your website in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

Which SEO company is best?

SEO work is more than just promoting ranking in certain words. The purpose of SEO is to provide the most accurate information and service according to the queries made by users. As DATCO, we perform link improvements to increase the quality of the content, which will provide the content that will be most useful to the companies we provide SEO services, search engines to reach this content more technically.

Our expert SEO team is constantly improving itself by participating in the training and reflecting the innovations in SEO to their work meticulously. Thanks to our uninterrupted team coordination, our information is always up to date.

Which SEO company is best?

SEO work has an important digital marketing network for corporate firms, e-commerce firms, news sites, and many blogs. With the SEO work, which can be obtained good results if it is done effectively, your brand awareness and sales rates will rise to high levels by determining your products and services on the related keywords and coming to the first page. A quality SEO study is an effective marketing network for many companies.

How much does SEO cost?

DATCO is one of the leading companies among the SEO agencies. If you are looking for an SEO agency in Turkey we are the best choice for you. With our expert team, we are giving the best service to you.

How much does SEO cost?

A preliminary analysis process is required to determine SEO prices. At this stage, the traffic values of the site for the last 2 years, the distribution of traffic by channels, its position in the competition, the words where it receives and decreases traffic, the level of compatibility with Google parameters and domain authority are examined. This analysis is reported and shared with the customer. Then, the cost evaluation is made and the proposal process is started.

Does SEO work for small business?

  • Does SEO work for small business?

No. SEO can be realized by using different strategies for companies from every sector (small or large businesses). Whether you're an E-commerce firm or a wholesale manufacturer, SEO strategies can be used for you.

What is on-site SEO work?

  1. What is on-site SEO work?

Analyzing and improving whether the components that form the basis of the site are working correctly are within the scope of on-site SEO studies. In this process, the technical performance of the website is performed and the performance and technical parts of the website are improved. After these analyses, how your site looks and errors are determined by search engines and shared with the technical teams of the websites. After these studies, the websites begin to be indexed by Google, reaching the related users much more easily and getting more place in the searches.

  1. What is off-site SEO work?

The works carried out to recommend the website by the quality and reliable sources, that is, to create an image that the site is reliable and high quality, constitute non-site SEO studies. At Google, if a website gets links (i.e. referred to) from truly reliable sources, that website is also of good quality and suitable for display to users. Off-site SEO studies based on this logic are made to be recommended by reliable and reputable sources to move the prestige of the websites to the top.

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