SOCIAL media marketing

Marketing and advertising on social networks have long been an essential part of the digital marketing companies and organizations. Social Media Optimization (SMO) creates a closer interaction and personal connection with customers and thus you can learn more about the service or product you provide. Our SMO department is made up of people who live and breathe social networks. Join us and understand how to do it right.

The benefits of advertising on social networks

Cheap Conversion Cost

Advertising on social media provides a cheap conversion cost compared to other media

Increase In Sales

Proper social activity will increase your sales

Strengthening Brand Exposure

Social media activity will increase your brand exposure

Strengthening Authority

Proper social activity will significantly strengthen the authority of your brand

Advanced Performance Analysis

Continuous performance analysis for the purpose of improving and streamlining social activity

Focused And Advanced Segmentation

Your ads will only be shown to relevant people in a targeted and advanced segmentation

Advertising options on social networks

Facebook advertising

Want to reach a larger audience but do not want to compromise quality? Facebook allows advertisers to progressively target the audience of their advertising campaign. At the beginning of the process, we will characterize the target audience and the goals of the campaign in order to build an accurate marketing strategy. After building the awareness, selecting the target audience, and implementing all the follow-ups; they move to an analytic performance analysis phase and improve them by performing optimization to maximize the advertising budget.

Facebook page management

Today, most companies and organizations have come to understand the power and importance of the social network, Facebook in particular. Facebook allows us to interact personally with customers. The most important thing is our first impression in front of customers so we need to build a Facebook page with an innovative design that matches our language. The main purpose of managing a Facebook page is to increase attendance and make personal contact with customers on Facebook. Our experience shows that managing a Facebook page provides personal contact with potential customers and thus builds a community that follows, provides feedback. And all these make the brand is stronger.

Advertising and managing Instagram pages

Instagram advertising has long been the hottest thing among social networks. More and more companies are starting to invest their advertising budgets on Instagram as well. Instagram is mainly characterized by campaigns of a visual nature that contain photos and videos. This brings more interaction and more conversion to our customers.

LinkedIn Advertising

Interested in marketing your brand to the business sector? LinkedIn allows advertisers beyond the usual targeting ability of gender, age, and location with new features such as area of ​​occupation, workplace, company size, and more… We will help you reach a target audience that will yield the best results for you after we understand the nature of your services or product.

A taste of success on social media marketing

increase in sales since the 30% beginning of the brand's social activity
A 45% decrease in the price per lead compared to other sources
increase in incoming leads as a 170% result of advertising on Facebook and Instagram
A 390% increase in the monthly number of searches for the brand name

In recent years Datco has accompanied me in everything related to internet marketing, every project I do with them, I highly recommend working with Datco. They are a good company reliable and innovative and professional. I really like the people who work there for me. It is very important to choose a professional. When they give a promise, they keep it. They are very good at their work.

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